Maurizio Pio Rocchi | artista | pittore
// MAURIZIO PIO ROCCHI, artist and organic farmer
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My trees

In 2005 I have completed my "opera". I have planted 3.210 trees with my hands, hole after hole, with my children giving me the 1 year old trees. For the remaining 14.000 I had to ask for a help: I had not enough time because the coming spring. Now, oaks, maple-trees, lime-trees, apple and pear wild trees are nine years old and, where the soil is more generous, are even four meters tall. Until the year 2055 no one can cut any of them. The climate will be a bit different around our house. Many wild animals will have more land for their lives. The air will be surely fresher and cleaner. The three big hawks flying for half a year over our small piece of world will probably increase their number. The Archipelago of Art and Agriculture will be better since I found it...
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