Maurizio Pio Rocchi | artista | pittore
// MAURIZIO PIO ROCCHI, artist and organic farmer
Versione Italiana
The organic farmer.

Certification (n.1 - 1993)

I am a farmer as well, since 1978. I organic farming since 1990, the first in Viterbo county (one of the first all over Italy). In the same year I started producing the "Vino d'Artista". And since 1991, every year, I post on the bottles the reproductions of the most significant art works of the year of the grape harvest. The "Wine of the Artist" (Vino d'Artista) has been bought in California, United kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Belgium.
My philosophy has ever been the one that follows "nature's work"from the vineyard to the bottle, through my work in the cellar, refined year after year, without knowing wine chemistry or making any sommelier class, but knowing my grapes, my land, following my method marked by a dynamic curiosity in the wine making process...
The farm is situated 5 km away from the town of Tuscania, toward the sea side. The vineyard is 2,5 hectares wide, on a medium paste soil.
In 2005 I planted 17.000 trees (3.210 all by myself and most of them different kinds of oaks). Also 200 olive trees are there...
In the vineyard I do a hard pruning, looking for low production and high quality. Productions are different year after year, so percentage of alcohol and wine structure depend on rains and climate trend.
There is wild grass between the grape rows. No fertilization at all.
After the rains I spray copper and sulphur to protect the grapes from mildew and botrytis.

My wines are made exclusively with italian grapes.
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